Meet the Designer

gorgeous little girl wearing custom couture rhinestone headpiece by honeydrops designs and posing on the red carpet

Launched in 2011, all our pieces are crafted by hand in the US

Honeydrops Designs is a luxury hair accessory brand created by Bulgarian born designer Daniela Mallas. Her incredible range of handcrafted creations are designed to evoke and inspire the imagination.

mom holding a baby wearing beautiful flower headpiece handmade by designer Daniela Mallas of Honeydrops Designs

It all began with a dream and a {cross-continent} trip

As a little girl, Dani spent every free moment sitting besides her mother's sewing machine and learning the trade. She was fascinated by her mother's skillful and swift hands. The traditional European garment crafting techniques she taught her were etched into Dani's head forever. Her love for creating beautiful, timeless, feminine pieces was born. Through the years, she mastered the craft and had a dream of her very own fashion studio someday.

Her studies, however, took her on a different adventure. After achieving degrees in accounting and international business in her home country, Dani decided to relocate to the United States in order to further her education. She never let go of that childhood dream, however, and when she became a mom and found herself at home with a little one, she needed a creative outlet.

gorgeous girl smiling while wearing a pretty gown and a luxury couture floral headpiece by designer Daniela Mallas of Honeydrops Designs

Designing elaborate and custom headpieces

It wasn't long before Honeydrops Designs became an established luxury brand both locally and internationally. Designing elaborate and custom couture headpieces for celebrities and fashion publications alike, Dani's mission is to bring happiness and confidence through color and texture.

The whimsical, yet modern, line of couture headpieces appeals to young and established fashion models, photographers and apparel designers.

Honeydrops Designs founder and head designer Daniela Mallas posing by the pier in white sweater and sparkly necklace

A message from our designer:

"Thank you for your interest in my couture headpieces! 
Each piece I handcraft with meticulous attention to every detail, selecting high quality supplies within the silk and natural flowers, rhinestones and wiring, fabrics and all the way to the branded tags I carefully attach to the finished product. Every design I envision, is created to last many wears and provide the comfort of a familiar piece with soft backing and perfect fit. Many elements are handmade from scratch and attached to a base and completely sealed for maximum comfort and durability.

I often seek inspiration in my culture and my heritage. I draw from many years of experience in the creative industry working along side my family at their clothing business. My pieces are infused with lots of emotion and tell a story. Your story.

Each piece I create is more than just a one time photo prop. I see some of my special occasion creations as heirloom pieces that will be passed down from generation to generation and will bring many happy memories for years to come. Some of my statement pieces are wearable pieces of art - so unique, I look at them as an artifact, something of great historical and cultural significance - and I hope you do too."

I'm always happy to discuss custom commissions. Please complete the form bellow to start creating your very own custom piece: